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Welcome message from Kakha Kaladze, Mayor of the City of Tbilisi

On behalf of Tbilisi City Hall, it is my distinct pleasure to extend a warm welcome to all those participating in the 2018 Tbilisi International Night Time Economy Forum (TINTEF) taking place at the Rooms Tbilisi Hotel in the heart of Georgia’s capital, from November 30 to December 1, 2018.

The event aims at adopting a broad dialogue with the participation of all relevant authorities on the role of urban planning and wise management in the development of sustainable Night-Time Economy.
Objective of the forum is to define a night time economy, find ways to activate hidden spaces in the city and encourage growth of a local culture, engage visitors in the cultural life of the city and change perceptions of Tbilisi at night..

TINTEF will provide a platform for the dialogue and discussion on various topics, such as: strategies for growing the night-time economy in Tbilisi, learning from leading night-time economies internationally, infrastructure development, transportation, communication and PR, legislation, licenses and permits, economic development, placemaking and urban design, activation of anderutilised spaces, research,
planning for a diverse nightlife, noise Impacts, creative Industries and the NTE. The event brings together local and international government officials, professionals and experts who will share best practice approaches to shape vibrant, safe and sustainable NTEs.

Allow me to convey my best wishes to the participants for a very productive and rewarding gathering, as well as to the visitors for a most enjoyable stay in Tbilisi.

We look forward to working with you and hope that we can count on your contribution.

Kakha Kaladze, Mayor

11:00 - Welcoming address by Mr. Kakha Kaladze (Mayor of Tbilisi) and Mr. Sergi Gvarjaladze (Special Advisor to Mayor of Tbilisi, Head of Tbilisi Night Time Economy Development Project)

What is the NTE?
Why do cities need it?
Progress and challenges of the NTE, Success stories
The management of a transverse and participative Night-Time policy
Our strength and weakness
Challenges for the future
Benefits of having a vibrant nightlife from social cultural and economic perspective
Night Mayor Role
Challenges and success stories
How to set up a Night Time public policy
The role of the city municipality in the NTE development
How to promote the NTE
Communication and Politics
Rooms Hotel Tbilisi
A brief history of Electrowerk
Current state of club
Potential and future plans
Activation of underutilised spaces
Creating places for people
Urban development in Tbilisi and its Potential
Challenges, Possible solutions and Success stories
Vibrating Night-Time Economy for Urban Development
Placemaking and Urban Design
Challenges and Solutions
Future of urban development and services
Dinner at the 'Gvinis Ubani'
Stamba (bar/restaurant/casino), Lisi Rest (bar/club/restaurant), Khidi (nightclub), Mtkvarze (nightclub), Qeto da Kote (restaurant), Cafe Gallery (nightclub), Shavi Lomi (bar/restaurant), Gvinis Ubani (bar/restaurant).
For more information please speak to a member of our project team.
Welcoming Remarks
A potential of the night time economy to contribute to economic growth
Neighbourship conflicts on noise issues in an area with tourism and clubs
Possible solutions
Policy formulation Approaches to regulation and compliance
Urban development, noise impacts and urban research
What researches are essential for effective strategy?
Why do we need long term strategy?
Strategy, Policy, Research and Planning
Rooms Hotel Tbilisi
Creative Industries and the Night Time Economy
Growing live music and performance
Festivals and events
Intermediary work between grassroot culture, NTE and politics
Planning for a Diverse Nightlife
Creative Industries and NTE
Planning For A Diverse Nightlife
Growing live music and performance
Festivals and events
Closing Speech
Dinner at the'Gvinis Ubani'
Stamba (bar/restaurant/casino), Lisi Rest (bar/club/restaurant),Khidi (nightclub), Mtkvarze (nightclub), Qeto da Kote (restaurant), Cafe Gallery (nightclub), Shavi Lomi (bar/restaurant), Gvinis Ubani (bar/restaurant).
For more information please speak to a member of our project team.


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Who's Speaking?

Mirik Milan

Former Night Mayor of Amsterdam


Head of Tbilisi Night Time Economy Development Project

Liese Kingma

Project Leader, Model Space Project

Thierry Charlois

Project Manager “Nightlife” for the city of Paris

david lezhava


David Asanidze

Head of Urban Planning and Renewal Division, Municipal Department of Urban Development

Shamiro van der Geld

Night Mayor of Amsterdam

Christophe Vidal

President of Toulouse Nocturne


Club Commission, Berlin


Bogomir Doringer

Artist, Researcher

Dimitri Hegemann

Nightclub owner, cultural activist


Deputy Mayor of the City of Nantes

Mark Adam Harold

Night Mayor of Vilnius. Music Distributor

eva de klerk

Artist and independent professional in participatory city development

phil gibby

Area Director, South West, Arts Council England

givi machavariani

Electrowerk, Founder

Lucas Counter

Model Space Project






Phil gibby

Thanks so much to you for all your support and goodwill before and during my visit. I felt it was an excellent event, and that you have all done a huge amount to build international recognition of Tbilisi and its plans for the night time economy. I am making a point of telling everyone I see that they should visit Tbilisi soon.

The arrangements were incredibly well planned. The flights, the airport transfers, the hotel – everything was very, very straightforward and I really appreciated that.

Christophe Vidal

I want to thank you for your warm welcome! 

To have organised such a forum on a nocturnal subject is ‘avant garde’. This event left me with great memories!

I have communicated the event on FB and the Toulouse Nocturne’s website as well: www.toulousenocturne.com.

Mark Adam Harold

My thanks once again for a great experience, a great city and a very useful conference. I know how much craziness went into the organisation and I really appreciate it. You must really love Tbilisi to get yourself into this craziness!

Eva de Klerk

Thank you so much for the very inspiring forum and absolutely great and hospitable stay in Tbilisi. I loved the people, speakers, guests, program, clubs, delicious food and good wine.
One of the best conferences I have ever attended. I am definitely coming back.

Thierry Charlois

I was really impressed by the level of local mobilization for organizing such a nice event. The program was really interesting by providing experiences from different countries and various points of view: municipal policy makers, club unions, artists, urban planners… We need to stay in touch all together in order to maintain this fruitful cooperation.
I hope to come back to Tbilisi soon and would like to thank Giorgi and Sergi for their great job!


Bogomir doringer
Wanted to thank you for your great hospitality and well organized event. Everybody is super happy and blown away by Tbilisi. Would be good to call maybe once we all recover and rest to look in to what next can be done. I think that group was very well connected and open for collaborations.

Raimund Reintjes

Tbilisi International Nighttime Economy Forum 2018 was an overall overwhelming experience.
The conference program was an interesting mix of top level international experiences and examples from the local scene. The conference venue was very well chosen - as Rooms Hotel was also an exciting and unique place to stay. Supply during the conference was very good but topped by the fantastic dinner tables where the organizers gave us a full idea of both Georgian cuisine and hospitality.
The very personal way of how Sergi and Giorgi handled this conference was a catalyst for a very personal experience. The cultural partners of the conference, especially the wonderfully curated Newon festival, added a superb and thrilling nigh time experience to this wonderful trip! 

Dimitri Hegemann

The invitation to the exclusive and exciting 1st night time economy conference ever I took part, brought me into another cultural world: Tbilisi, Georgia. 
I was really surprised about the big interest of the Tbilisi’s mayor who opened the conference with his political statement to establish a vibrating night life in his city. Wow! That means everything is possible!

I met very open-minded people in this beautiful city. Sergi and Giorgi and their team were friendly, courageous and experienced promoters. Tbilisi has a potential to start a sustainable clever and peaceful concept for a complete new electronic island. It is definitely possible.


I'm very thankful that I had the opportunity to visit the Tbilisi Night Forum. The city has much to offer and a big history to take in account.
I have met many people from different age and backgrounds with all good believes and ideas of the future of this city.

Tbilisi is on the bridge of becoming a great international nightlife capital and before the city gets flooded by international tourists with big wallets, big mouths and demanding needs. it is important for the people and municipality to build on Tbilisi's own past, present and future identity. 

Mirik Milan

Thanks, it was a great event! Hope to be back in Tbilisi soon because it was way too short to understand the full scope of things.

Vanessa Vassallo

Thank you for taking good care and the whole experience.
Looking forward to working in future with you again.

Benjamin Mauduit

Thanks to the city of Tbilisi for organising this international night time economy forum. In addition to exciting conferences and a perfect reception, it's also an opportunity to make our connections stronger and potentially to create new opportunities for collaboration.







Ask Question?

When will the forum take place? Where is it located?
The Tbilisi International Night Time Economy Forum will take place on November 30 - December 1, 2018 at the Rooms Hotel Tbilisi, Georgia.
The Tbilisi Nights forum aims at adopting a broad dialogue with the participation of all relevant authorities on the role of urban planning and wise management in the development of prosperous and sustainable Night-Time Economy. Objective of the forum is to define a night time economy, find ways to activate hidden spaces in the city and encourage growth of a local culture, engage office workers and visitors in the cultural life of the city, change perceptions of Tbilisi, improve safety and perceptions of the city at night.
Yes it is available. Please check the Schedules web page on our web site.
At times it might be necessary to cancel or reschedule a conference after receipt of a confirmation letter. We will provide advance notice of any changes.
Who do I contact if I have a question?
If you have any questions please contact us
In most cases hotels will allow a name change, however, please do check the terms and conditions for your specific hotel before making the change online.
Citizens of more than 90 countries and territories, listed at www.geoconsul.gov.ge, can enter Georgia without a visa for stays of up to one year.
Please contact us for assistance.

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neWon music festival

30 November / 1 December, 2018

At the heart of this year’s Tbilisi Night Time Economy project activities was "neWon" Music Festival, brand new event, which took place at the revitalised old factory ('ELECTROWERK', located at 2 Beri Gabriel Salosi street, I Turn) in the city of Tbilisi. The event celebrated the contemporary music featuring a number of bands and musical genres including hip-hop, indie pop, indie rock, live electronic music, new jazz, to name a few.
You can find out more about artists, music, videos, and line-up by visiting the neWon Music Festival website.


nightclub "mtkvarze"

30 November 2018

Small Room: ROMAN / BERIKA

1 December 2018


nightclub "KHIDI"

30 November 2018


1 December 2018


nightclub "cafe gallery"

30 November 2018


1 December 2018



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